Manhattan Renovation Plumber Walk-In Bathtub

Adding a Walk-In Bathtub? You’ll Need a Manhattan Renovation Plumber

Seniors all over the country are opting to age in place. Many are buying walk-in bathtubs against the dangers of falling on wet bathroom floors. However, seniors and those caring for them should know what is involved with buying walk-in tubs. Not only will a Manhattan renovation plumber be necessary, but seniors will also need a reliable electrician. If seniors’ homes are older, then new pipes and drains, as well as permits, may be necessary for the addition of the tub. Here are considerations for the homeowner buying such a walk-in bathtub.

Manhattan Renovation Plumber Walk-In Bathtub

Water Heater

A walk-in bathtub involves stepping through the door, closing it, and then filling the tub. Seniors will be getting cold before the water fills the tub to capacity. If the water heater is not big enough, seniors will be getting even colder as the tub fills. Make sure to ask your plumber to check the water heater capacity.

Drain Time

Lots of walk-in tubs offer 60 second drain times. What this means is that the water drains at such a high pressure that the trap at the end of the sewer line could burst. Your plumber will examine the trap to make sure the pressure coming against it will not burst it; if the pressure is too much, then he will have to widen the trap. Should the trap not be widened, there is the possibility of gasses entering the house.

Such high pressure could also affect the pipes. If the house is older, then the pipes might need to be replaced. The draining might be slow due to clogs or build-up along the pipes going to the sewer. Your Manhattan renovation plumber will take a look all along the system to remove the build-ups or clogs.

All Things Water

Your plumber should check the water temperature as the installation proceeds. Some homes’ water temperature is set above the normal 130 degrees. Most tubs have anti-scald protection built in. Have your plumber check on this. Additionally, water pressure is a concern when dealing with bathtubs. No one wants to sit getting cold while the tub is filling. The water pressure should be set so that the tub fills rapidly. Your plumber might check the water meter to see if the pressure is set properly.

You know the government of your city or town will want their say in the matter. Your plumber will know which permits and codes with which to comply, so homeowners do not get fined. Things change from year to year.  If the home is older, the plumber will often need to bring plumbing and fixtures up to code.

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