Modern Radiant Heating

Our Modern Radiant Heating installations provide efficient, reliable, home heating. However, modern radiant heating employs modern materials and engineering to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of older radiant systems. Subsequent modern, high-efficiency radiant heating systems have eschewed traditional copper in favor of flexible and resilient poly-based tubing. This poly-based tubing is available in a variety of multi-layer compositions and brand names. The radiant heating experts at Kew Forest Plumbing will help you select which of these radiant heating systems is best for your particular renovation or new construction need.

Kew Forest Plumbing is proud to have our high-efficiency radiant heating installations featured in Architectural Digest (Brook Sheilds’ home) and New York Magazine (the studio of Mikki Marshall).

Darren Lundin, President of Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

High-Efficiency Radiant Heating Installation

The professionals at Kew Forest Plumbing are your high-efficiency radiant heating system experts. Get the latest technology for your home with our modern radiant heating solutions.

Modern radiant heating provides energy-efficient, reliable home heating. To give you the most modern and efficient home heating systems, the heating professionals at Kew Forest Plumbing have teamed up with the top names in the industry. We are expert installers for Warmboard, MrPEX, Rifeng, and Uponor.

New York area homeowners will be familiar with traditional radiant heating systems. This was often copper piping inside a concrete slab. The copper pipe receives hot water from the furnace and provides heat to the concrete slab. It is this heat from the warmed concrete in the first-floor slab which ‘radiates’ up from the floor. Sometimes this radiant heating was combined with a hot water baseboard system for a second floor or basement to complete the home heating system.

Expert NYC Radiant Heating Services

  • Even & Consistent Heating
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Versatile, Can Be Used With Multiple Floorings
  • Sustainability through Energy Conservation
  • Eliminate Airborne Allergens from Forced Air Systems
  • American Made
  • LEED Points
  • Expertly Installed

Knowledgable Professionals

Knowledgeable green energy and high-efficiency experts are hard to come by. That’s why Kew Forest Plumbing continually educates our professionals to be knowledgeable on the most cutting-edge technology available for green energy and high efficiency. Our green energy systems are up to 98% efficient. View our plumbing and heating testimonials and contact Kew Forest Plumbing today.

The primary function of a radiant panel is to conduct heat from water in a tube to the floor of your home. Warmboard is more conductive than all other radiant panels, and is therefore a better choice for those who want to enjoy the comfort and efficiency of radiant heat.

MrPEX Systems is one of the leading radiant floor heating and domestic hot and cold water systems suppliers in the North American marketplace.

Rifeng is at the forefront of thermoplastic piping innovation, providing integrated systems including pipes, fittings, tools, and accessories.

With 12 billion feet of Uponor PEX-a, now installed worldwide, it has become the trusted solution for plumbing and heating systems for residential and commercial buildings, and multi-purpose plumbing and fire sprinkler systems for homes.

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