Plumbing & Heating FAQ

The Kew Forest Plumbing and Heating FAQ (frequently asked questions) below provides the answers to frequently asked questions regarding efficient radiant heating, commercial heating, residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, commercial heating, sprinklers, and green energy questions to common issues. If your question is not answered here and/or you would like to submit it to this FAQ, please contact Kew Forest today, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will promptly respond.

If the leak only occurs when using the shower, check for loose tile or missing grout first. Water may be seeping through unexpected areas. Before doing any major tile repairs, a series of tests should be performed in a specific order to find any plumbing-related problems or eliminate plumbing as the problem. Kew Forest knows these tests and how to perform them in the most efficient manner. Don’t live with a drip. Call Kew Forest at 718-456-0800 today.
Absolutely! Give us a call at 718-456-0800 (dial 17 after the message). Our trained emergency crews are just moments away and can assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
Some people leave the basement heating lines uncovered to get a little extra heat in the basement. Keep in mind that this may affect heating the rest of the house. There is heat loss through uncovered steam lines, and the steam will condense into water at a faster rate. The more efficient system is insulated.
YES! The safety controls on your boiler should be checked at the beginning of the heating season every year. A little preventive maintenance goes a long way. Kew Forest has a step-by-step diagnostics checkup that is important to the life and safety of your system. The doctor is in and we make house calls!

Kew Forest Plumbing is proud to service commercial accounts, including infrastructure-grade heating systems for the FDNY. Our systems are tailored to efficiently and expeditiously handle your building and facility maintenance issues. From commercial businesses to management companies to city agencies, Kew Forest is there to look over your situation, advise on the various options, and then see the task to completion. Maintenance managers, call Kew Forest next time you have trouble and you need it done right! Read more about our commercial plumbing and commercial heating services.

Kew Forest Plumbing understands the importance that your home holds in your life. We also realize that every plumbing and heating situation is unique and therefore needs specific experience mixed with care and concern to handle the plumbing and heating issues that may occur. Kew Forest Plumbing and Heating performs a wide range of residential services from simple faucet, toilet, and/or heating system repair to full-house radiant heating. We specialize in successfully completing challenging renovation projects. The master plumbers at Kew Forest are experts at maintaining your plumbing and heating system in optimal working order. Read more about our residential plumbing and residential heating services.

The washer in your faucet is loose and needs to be replaced. We have residential service trucks that are equipped with thousands of specialty parts specific to your needs. Efficiency from us = cost savings for you!
You are losing water either from air valves passing steam or from a leaking condensate return line. Either way, this is a serious concern as each time the system needs new water, new oxygen is added, and this causes system deterioration. Let us determine the cause by checking the obvious problems first. Likely it is a quick repair, but if not, we are there to provide options and cost proposals for you to choose from.
Steam systems need an experienced team to decipher the problems and know how to fix them. The banging sound could be caused by a steam line which is holding water. The drastic difference in the hot steam and cool water creates a loud, violent, banging noise. It could also be the piping near the boiler (if installed improperly) causing banging elsewhere in the house. Let us monitor the WHOLE system and get to the root of the trouble without hurting your wallet any more than needed. We know steam systems!!!
Discolored hot water can be a warning that your hot water heater may be on its way out. The glass lining may have worn away and the still tank is rusting. It’s time to replace the tank. Sometimes a street repair close by can also fool you into thinking you have an “in-house” problem. We are the experts that help you decide where the origin of the problem lies.
A radiator can’t heat if the air that’s in the radiator can’t be released. If you have a steam system, a new air valve may be required. If you have a hot water system, air may need to be purged from the bleed valve.
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