Updating Forest Hills Plumbing Fixtures

3 Reasons to Update Your Forest Hills Plumbing

Homeowners are constantly making changes and improvements, and most have some “list” of things they would like to get done, both short-term and long-term. For many, this list has very visible results, such as changing a paint color, or adding a deck. While updating pipes and fixtures may not be on your list at this time, there are good reasons why homeowners should consider speaking to a Forest Hills plumbing contractor like Kew Forest Plumbing about evaluating the current situation.

Updating Forest Hills Plumbing Fixtures

Small leaks can add up to big money. A leaky sink trap, that little drip from the kitchen faucet, or the toilet that sometimes keeps running after you flush may not seem like a big deal.  However, that water usage adds up, and can result in hundreds of dollars in unnecessary water bills. Since these problems usually get worse over time, fixing them sooner rather than later is a smart choice.

Some older pipes could be a health hazard. In many homes, there are still older pipes and connections that pose a threat. They can cause lead to leach into the home’s water supply, which can lead to learning disabilities and behavioral issues in children. Kids are not the only ones affected, though, adults with elevated lead levels have been known to have issues with high blood pressure, hearing problems, headaches, reproductive problems, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain.

Updating your Forest Hills plumbing can save you from future disaster. All plumbing has a life span, and, like it or not, there will come a day when a pipe will burst, or a joint will no longer hold. The result is typically a flooded home, with damage to floors, walls, and personal belongings. While, in many cases, homeowners insurance will pay for a repair, the stress can easily be avoided by simply having current plumbing inspected, and, in some instances, replaced.

Forest Hills plumbing updates might not be as exciting as new kitchen counters or a new patio, but it is important to evaluate whether it might be a wise idea to add this project to “the list.” In the long run, it can save families a lot of money and stress by making necessary updates before they become a problem. For more information on all plumbing-related issues, contact Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating.

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