New Kitchen Sink Installation Considerations

Things To Consider When It’s Time For A New Kitchen Sink Installation

Upgrading to a new sink is an effective way to spruce up your kitchen, while also improving the ease with which you cook and clean. Though you do not always have to be a professional plumber to undertake this task, it is important to take a few key factors into account. This article will discuss three considerations that will help make your new kitchen sink installation as smooth as possible.

New Kitchen Sink Installation Considerations

Ensure shutoff valves are in good working order.

As you are likely already aware, removing an old sink and installing a new one in its place requires that you first shut off the water. This is accomplished using the shutoff valves below the sink. If these valves have suffered from corrosion or damage, they may not be able to fully stop the flow of water. In that case, you may end up having to shut off your entire home’s water supply.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid this massive inconvenience by testing your shutoff valves long before the time for installation rolls around. With both of the valves twisted all the way off, turn on your sink. If water continues to drip from the faucet, the valves have developed a leak. Have them replaced before moving on to the installation phase of your project.

Flush sediment out of your supply lines.

The supply lines are the flexible plastic or woven steel cables running from the shutoff valves to the bottom of your sink. It is a good idea to install new supply lines when putting in a new sink. Not only are such lines relatively cheap, but installing fresh ones will help to protect you against damaging leaks in the future.

Once you have attached the new line to your shutoff valve, but before attaching it to the sink itself, it is a good idea to flush the lines. You see, sediment tends to come loose anytime you do work on your water lines. To keep this sediment from clogging up your new sink, turn on the water and allow it to flow from the supply line into a bucket for around a minute. This will protect your new sink by flushing out any unwanted debris from the water line.

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