Radiant Heated Marble Floors

Live Like Ben Stiller With Radiant Heated Marble Floors

Ben Stiller’s multi-million dollar luxury condo in New York City’s West Village is a spectacular residence, full of all the amenities that a celebrity could want. Every detail has been attended to, right down to the master suite bathroom. With a spacious double sink vanity, glass-enclosed shower and deep soaking tub, it is to die for. Perhaps the most important thing is that Stiller will never be stepping onto a cold floor thanks to radiant heated marble floors. Did you know that we mere mortals can also enjoy this celebrity treatment in our homes?

Radiant Heated Marble Floors

Ultimate Aesthetics

Marble flooring speaks of luxury, opulence and the finer things in life. Installing it in your bathroom says you care about your image, and you will not settle for second best. Why should you? Your private bathroom is your place of solitude and relaxation, where you soak the day’s cares away. Marble flooring, high-end fixtures, soft music and candlelight create a spa-like atmosphere sure to calm you.

Unparalleled Comfort

When you are done with your shower or soaking in the tub, the last thing that you want is the shock of a cold, damp floor. In your beautiful bathroom reminiscent of the one Ben Stiller uses, you will experience a warm, cozy feeling from the radiant heating under the floor. That also means late night visits to the bathroom will not be so shocking to your toasty warm feet. What’s more, the heat radiates back up into the room, so you will never be shivering after a shower, or late at night.

Increased Home Value

Odds are your home is not worth near the $15 million that Stiller reportedly paid for his home. However, should you ever decide to sell, radiant heated marble flooring and improvements such as remodeling your bathroom will increase its value? Buyers love bathroom remodels, partly because it saves them from doing the work themselves and partly due to the high-end materials used. Even if you never sell, you will likely use the bathroom and enjoy it more often, which is a beneficial as well.

The life of a celebrity is full of experiences and luxuries that most common folks can never achieve. However, radiant heated marble flooring is one of those things that we all can enjoy. If you would like to learn more about how radiant heated marble floors work and how they can benefit your home, contact Kew Forest Plumbing today. We will not promise that you will suddenly start living the life of a movie star, but we will certainly work to make your home feel like a million dollar mansion to you.

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