Plumbing Water Heater Case Study After

Plumbing Before and After, New Water Heater Saves Money for Landlord

Most people think of plumbing in terms of repair, they call a plumber when they see a leak or something goes wrong. However, an improvement to your existing plumbing system can be a source of cost savings that puts money back in your pocket. In this plumbing before and after case study, we examine improvements to the hot water system of a two-family house.

Plumbing Water Heater Case Study After

A Queens landlord owned a two-family house with an antique boiler and aging water heater. Because the boiler and water heater were shared between the two units, the landlord could not charge either tenant for the related utilities. Since the tenants did not pay for utilities related to heat or hot water, they had no reason to conserve energy, and the landlord could not easily predict his utility costs.

Plumbing Water Heater Case Study Before

The landlord came to us with his problem. We installed two 98% efficient wall hung combination boilers and two instant hot water heaters. Now that each unit has its own separate heat and hot water, the tenants pay for their own utilities and the landlord no longer has to stomach the an unpredictable energy bill.

As an added benefit, the new boilers and instant hot water heaters are smaller and more efficient. The smaller boilers allowed the landlord to shrink the boiler room, which created more space in the apartment. The new system is more energy-efficient, so less money leaks out to ConEd during the winter. Improving your plumbing can save you money. If you have a difficult plumbing problem, or a situation like the one above, please contact Kew Forest Plumbing today.

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