How Its Made Underfloor Heating Video

How Its Made, Underfloor Heating, What Everybody Should Know

Underfloor heating is an amazing circulation system that has great benefits such as efficiently distributing heating throughout your room evenly, lower costs, and overall helping to conserve energy. Not everyone knows what goes into making such an efficient system such as this. So let’s go through the underfloor heating system according to “How It’s Made Underfloor Heating” to show you just what it takes to make such an awesome system.

Underfloor Heating Brass Fittings

The first step to making this Underfloor Heating system is to fabricate the many various brass fittings that connect all the tubing together. Brass ingots are melted and used to make the different types of fittings and nuts. The odd-shaped fittings like the T-shaped and curved fittings require the material to be forged before the machining process. Heat allows the metal to be punched through molds that make the more complicated fittings. After the fittings are made they go through a sandblaster to shine them up. Then the finishing touches are made by a computerized machining process that creates any threading and drills out the fittings.

Underfloor Heating Tubing

It is very interesting to see how the pipes are made for this heating system. They are made up of 5 layers. The first and inner layer is made of polyethylene which is a strong, smooth plastic. It is melted and pushed through a circular die which is then cooled rapidly to make it solid. The second layer is the glue to adhere the third layer of aluminum to which makes the pipe even stronger. Once a strip of aluminum is on it then goes through a welding machine to weld the overlapping edges of the aluminum. Now it is time for the fourth layer of the pipe which is you guessed it, more glue. The final layer of the pipe is more polyethylene. The last step for the pipes is to place a steel sleeve over the ends of the pipe that connects to the fittings.

Underfloor Heating Installation

One of the First things experienced and well-trained installers do is to lay down a guide over the subfloor. There are a variety of products, each with their own approach. However, the pipes are always placed into the guide mats grooves. Then to make sure everything is level the installers put down leveling tiles. After the leveling tiles, they put down the flooring. Next is to connect one end of the pipe to the inlet manifold which sends warm water through the pipes. Then the other end of the pipe is connected to the outlet manifold which receives the cold water to send back to the boiler to be reheated. This process is repeated for each room and/or zone.

Now you know how this amazing Underfloor Heating system is made and some of the awesome benefits it could have for your house. Have questions about underfloor heating systems not answered here? Contact Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating today.

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