Home Plumbing Fixes Duck Tape

Home Plumbing Fixes Sure To Fail

It is natural to want to save money by tackling plumbing projects on your own here and there. However, going about some home plumbing fixes in the wrong way can often lead you worse off than you were. If you would like to improve your knowledge of what not to do when it comes to fixing plumbing problems, read on. Here are two quick fix strategies we often see that are sure to fail.

Home Plumbing Fixes Duck Tape

Repairing Leaky Pipes With Duct Tape

This is one of the most widespread repair methods used by amateurs–and also one of the most ineffective. This method is almost guaranteed to a recurrence of the leak before you know it. That is because the adhesives used in duct tape simply are not meant to retain their strength when wet. There are special types of plumbing tape available, but even these should only be considered a fix of the most temporary sort. Unless you want to run the risk of outright flooding, your best bet when faced with a leaky pipe is to contact a professional plumber.

Routing The Washing Machine Into A Sink

It is common for washing machines to experience difficulty in draining. This makes sense when you consider the large amounts of lint and other debris that end up in a washer. Many people, frustrated with a washing machine that is slow to drain, simply route its outflow pipe to the nearest sink. This strategy, however, risks disaster to an even greater degree, since the sink is just as likely to become clogged and begin overflowing. If you have a washing machine with a drainage issue, be smart and contact a licensed plumber to help resolve the issue.

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