Hiring New Construction Plumbing Contractors Installation

More Things to Know About Hiring New Construction Plumbing Contractors

Hiring new construction plumbing contractors is quite a bit different from calling one in to fix problems in existing structures. In many ways, the work itself is simpler: There’s no need to work with failing pipes, the work area is easy to access thanks to the walls not being finished, and there are no dubious prior repairs to deal with. That said, getting a plumber to work on a new house, addition, or other new construction is not quite as simple as just picking up the phone. There are unique challenges to new construction. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Hiring New Construction Plumbing Contractors Installation

New construction requires careful scheduling of contractors. General contractors are well aware of this process, but those who have decided to handle subcontractor coordination on their own will need to think carefully. This is because new construction is done in stages. Each stage is handled by a different type of contractor. Excavators, foundation crews, framers, electricians, plumbers, finishers, and other experts all need to come to the site in the proper order or else there will be costly delays. The timing of their arrival must also be done correctly to keep everything progressing properly.

Permits and inspections are typically required for each phase of construction. This aspect is typically handled by the general contractor, but if subcontractors are hired separately, they may deal with it instead. In a few cases, the person doing the hiring may have to take care of it. The main thing the new or expanding homeowner needs to keep in mind is that permitting and inspections both take time and often, money. Factor this into scheduling and budgeting to avoid problems.

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