Water Pressure Issues Glendale Plumber

Water Pressure Series: Glendale Plumber Talks Home Water Pressure Problems

It is common knowledge that poor water pressure is generally the result of a constriction somewhere in the plumbing system. Yet knowing this does not make it any easier to fix the problem. Instead, you need to know how to narrow down the most probable cause of water pressure issues. Kew Forest Plumbing, your Glendale plumber will help you narrow down the source of your poor water pressure.

Water Pressure Issues Glendale Plumber

Water Pressure Starts Off Strong Then Drops Off

This is a water pressure problem that will affect all the fixtures of your home equally. You will find that, upon opening up the fixture, water will initially pour out strongly, then quickly taper off to a mere trickle. This problem is generally indicative of a constriction in one of the main supply lines leading into your home. The reason the water starts off strong is that, when your plumbing system is idle, water is able to flow past the constriction and fully fill your pipes. Yet when you turn the water on, the constriction prevents the flow from remaining this strong.

Water Pressure Varies From Fixture To Fixture

This problem tends to suggest that you are not suffering from a system-wide plumbing problem. In other words, the clog or restriction is more locally situated. In some cases, it may simple be a problem with a specific fixture. Alternately, it could be that a supply line leading to one wing of your home is suffering from a restriction. This would cause all of the fixtures in that part of the building to suffer, while those supplied by a different line would function normally.

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