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Glendale Plumber Suggests Ways You Can Go Green and Save Money

Going green is a popular phrase, but for many people, the words are so over-used they just tune it out. However, going green does more than just show kindness to the earth, it can also give your bank account a break, which is what makes most people pay attention. If you are considering some upgrades in your home, why not choose products that will be good for the environment, and save you money in the long run? This Glendale plumber knows there are changes you can make that will translate to a smaller carbon footprint, as well as a provide relief to your pocketbook.

Glendale Plumbing Save Money Heating

Upgrade to Energy Star appliances.

If you are one of those people who proudly proclaim you have had the same dishwasher or dryer for 20 years, you may be fooling yourself. New energy star appliances use less water and energy, making a significant dent in your utility bills. A plumber can ensure they are installed correctly, so there are no leaks or problems.

Install tankless water heaters.

Also called on-demand water heaters, these devices only heat up water when it is needed. Traditional water heaters keep water hot and ready 24 hours a day, whether you need it or not, wasting much energy. A modern condensing tankless water heater can save you both on gas and electric usage.

Install low flow devices.

When you turn on a faucet or shower, you want to have ample water, but newer fixtures will limit the amount of water used without sacrificing water pressure. For NYC customers, we know that water bills keep going up. In the end, it saves you money on your water bill.

Upgrade to an energy efficient heating system.

If your heating system is older, and you know you will need to upgrade before too long, it makes sense to choose a high-efficiency system that will cut down your utility bills next winter. We can help you both choose the right system and get it installed and running properly. We carry all the major name brands.

Ask about other green solutions, such as solar hot water systems, or geothermal heating. Whether you are a fan of green initiatives or not, no once can dispute the fact that new technologies help homeowners save money on utilities. If you would like to find out how you can make some simple changes that will have a positive effect on your monthly bills, contact Kew Forest Plumbing.

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