Flooded Basement Advice Forest Hills Plumbing Company

Forest Hills Plumbing Company Provides Flooded Basement Advice

When it comes to devastating plumbing problems, the biggest problem that comes to mind is flooding. Amongst flooding situations, basement flooding can be some of the worst as there is nowhere for the water to go. The basement acts as a ‘swimming pool’ and can fill. This situation unfolds quickly, leaving you with little time to react. Your Forest Hills plumbing experts would like to provide you with some tips on what to do when you find yourself with basement flooding or a flooded basement.

Flooded Basement Advice Forest Hills Plumbing Company

Turn off the Water

If possible, turn off the main source of water to stop the flooding. This may involve having to turn off all the plumbing in your home or business, so be prepared. If there’s a sewage backup, don’t attempt to use the toilet or other appliances that use water. Try to learn where the main water shutoff is ahead of time so you will not have to search for it if the need should arise. Always evacuate after turning off the water. If electrical becomes submerged, it can present an electricution hazard.

Examine the Damage

From a distance, examine the water damage, but don’t walk through the water. If you are certain you can turn off the power to the house, do so if necessary. Once the power is off, use protective gear when walking through the water, especially if the flood was the result of a sewer pipe. A professional will check for structural damage and gas leaks. You cannot determine these things, so don’t enter the area if you feel there may be structural issues or if you smell gas.

Contact a Forest Hills Plumbing Company

Make sure you contact your plumbing service as soon as possible. Remeding a water leak that has flooded a basement is not a job you want to take on by yourself. A trained Forest Hills plumbing professional will know the precautions necessary so further damage is not caused. A licensed and insured Forest Hills plumbing company like Kew Forest Plumbing is qualified to address your flooded basement quickly.

Contact Insurance Company

After you have touched base with your Forest Hills plumbing company, contact your insurance company. Do not wait. The longer you wait, the greater the chances you will not be able to provide them with significant proof of the flood and the damage.

If you have experienced flooding in your basement or other plumbing issues, contact the experienced Kew Forest Plumbing plumbing team today.

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