Forest Hills Plumbing Contractor Rusty Water

Rusty or Discolored Water? Forest Hills Plumbing Contractor Can Fix It

When you turn on a faucet, and see red, orange, or yellow water coming out, you know something is not right. Not only do you not want to drink the water, but using it for bathing is inadvisable as well. Often, this situation can stain clothes, making doing laundry frustrating, and expensive because clothes need to be replaced more often.  The premier Forest Hills plumbing contractor, Kew Forest Plumbing can diagnose and fix your rusty, brown or discolored water.

Forest Hills Plumbing Contractor Rusty Water

If this is a sudden probably that you have never experienced before, don’t panic. It could be the result of a flush out of the city pipes, or something else outside your building. Give it a day or so and see if the problem continues.

If the problem has been happening for awhile, or it persists, then there is a good chance there is something in your home causing the issue. Often the pipes themselves are the source of the issue. Older galvanized pipes rust over time, and depending on the level of oxidation, can turn your water yellow, orange, or red. If you experience the discoloration when turning on the cold faucet, and it is worse first thing in the morning after the water has been sitting in the pipes all night, then this is probably the problem. It is a good indication that the pipes in the house need to be updated to a different material. A qualified plumber can evaluate what needs to be replaced and make the new connections, so your water will be crystal clear.

If your water is turning rust-colored when running the hot water, then the problem may be with your hot water tank. When a hot water system is nearing the end of its lifespan, the inner liner can start to rust, which can affect the quality of the water.

Have water that is discolored? We can figure out the source of the problem and get it fixed, contact Kew Forest Plumbing. We are your experienced Forest Hills plumbing contractor with a proven track record of remedying plumbing issues.

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