24 Hour Plumber NYC Stuck Toy

Flushed Toy? 24 Hour Plumber NYC Can Help

As parents, there are certain milestones we watch our children go through. First words, first steps, and the first day of school are all met with smiles and pictures. Then, there are some of the less common things that every child does, but every parent dreads. Like when those little hands get a hold of some scissors and decide to give a haircut to a sibling. Or when a toy gets “accidentally flushed” and you find yourself without a working toilet. When your kid’s toy finds itself into your plumbing, call Kew Forest Plumbing, your 24 hour plumber NYC.

24 Hour Plumber NYC Stuck Toy

Young children love a good game of peek-a-boo, and at some point, the game elevates from hiding behind hands, to making things disappear. The handle on the toilet seems to be magic, because whenever you press it, whatever is in the toilet disappears forever. So many children, as they experiment and learn about life around them, will try to flush a toy.

Sometimes kids have a knack for finding the worst toys to throw in the toilet. It is a ball that is the exact size of the pipe, or a little stuffed animal that will absorb some water. Sometimes it is a toy car or tractor that has some angled pieces that will wedge themselves in there. When the handle is pushed, those toys become stuck, big time. You can try a plunger, snake, or whatever you have on hand, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do but remove the toilet to get them out.

But sometimes you do not have the materials, expertise, or time to tackle a project like that. And if you only have one toilet in the house, it becomes an emergency. That is when it is handy to know a plumber with a sense of humor.

Flushing a toy is one of those things that isn’t funny at the time, but one day you’ll look back at it and laugh. For now, if you find yourself in that situation, contact Kew Forest Plumbing, your 24 hour plumber NYC and we will come help you out.

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