24 Hour Plumber NYC Tips

24 Hour Plumber NYC, 4 Things to Do During a Plumbing Emergency

When a water pipe bursts, the toilet starts leaking, or you experience another plumbing problem, you typically have a very short window of time to take action before water causes damage to your home or apartment. If you find yourself having a plumbing emergency, take these four steps. Remember to contact Kew Forest Plumbing, your 24 hour plumber NYC right away.

24 Hour Plumber NYC Tips

Stop the Bleeding.

Turn off the water valve to the appliance that is leaking, and if needed turn off the water main valve and the water heater. The first and best thing you can do when a leak happens is turn off the water valve and then turn off the water heater. Sinks or toilets will usually have an appliance water valve located directly beneath the appliance. All apartments should also have a water main, which can be located in the basement or in another common area. If you can access this, turn it off.

Triage the Situation.

Mop up the water and put rags around the leaking area. Once you’ve turned off the water, the leaking should stop since there is no more water flowing. At this point, use mops, towels or blankets to mop up the water as best you can. The longer water remains in contact with wood or carpet, the greater the potential is for damage.

Reach Out and Get Help.

Contact a 24 hour plumber NYC. After you’ve gotten the immediate situation under control, it is time to contact a plumber. A 24 hour plumber NYC can come out to your apartment anytime day or night. It is always a good idea to have someone out right away to ensure the issue is remedied quickly and does not create a larger situation that needed. A properly diagnosed and implemented plan by an experience master plumber will restore your comfort, minimize the damage to your apartment, and get the water system working as quickly as possible.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Remain calm, we’ve got your back. Once you have taken these basic steps, you’ve done everything you can do. At this point, try to remain calm and understand that help is on the way. Don’t try to fiddle with whatever is broken, since this can just make matters worse.

To get help with your next plumbing emergency, contact Kew Forest Plumbing at (718) 456-0800. A knowledgable 24 hour plumber NYC representative is standing by.

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