Clogged Main Supply Line Commercial Kitchen

Does Your Home or Business Have a Clogged Main Supply Line

To a homeowner or business owner, the range of potential plumbing problems may seem almost limitless. The fact is that may common plumbing issues recur over and over again. One such common recurring plumbing problem is a fully or partially clogged main supply line. Learn more about how a clogged main supply line can cause issues affecting water pressure for your home or business.

Clogged Main Supply Line Commercial Kitchen

Main Supply Line

As its name would imply, the main supply line is the pipe by which all of your water enters the home. This large diameter pipe is located inside of the basement. Over time it is not uncommon for the supply line to become partially constricted due to the accumulation of debris and contaminants. This often manifests as pressure issues inside of the home or business.

Weak Pressure

The pressure problems associated with a clogged main supply line tend to follow a strict pattern. When opening up a faucet or fixture, the water will start to flow out nice and strong. Within seconds, however, the stream will have tapered off to a puny trickle, one that can take minutes to fill a pot of water.

If you find that this exact problem afflicts all of the faucets and fixtures in your home, there’s an overwhelming chance that you are dealing with a partially clogged main supply line. Because the clog is not complete, water is still allowed to flow into your system very slowly. This allows water to fill up your pipes while the fixtures are shut off, thus explaining why things seem okay when you first open up a faucet.

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