Winter New York Plumbing and Heating

Winter Storms Mean Checking In with a New York Plumbing and Heating Professional

It looks like the East Coast is being pummeled again by large snow storms and biting cold weather. Winter Storms appear ready to dump yet more snow on the city, with temperatures dipping into the “just stay inside” category. City officials are warning residents of the effects of severe cold, and instructing them how to survive another New York winter. Residents are using various methods of remaining warm, but some of these methods could cost them their lives. Please be safe, contact a New York plumbing and heating professional for an inspection of your New York plumbing and heating systems before there is an issue that could lead to an interruption.

Winter New York Plumbing and Heating

Alternate Heating Sources

Carbon monoxide poisoning causes over 1,000 deaths per year. It is colorless and odorless, so homeowners need to be extra careful. Unfortunately, homes using an alternate heating source run the risk of a carbon monoxide threat if the area is not properly ventilated. The unit’s instructions indicate to homeowners how to properly ventilate the area. Installing a carbon monoxide monitor is essential to any homeowners continued safety and mandatory under the Department of Buildings Carbon Monoxide Detector Rules (1 RCNY § 28-02).

After you mitigate the threat of carbon monoxide, fire is the next heating danger to avoid. Homeowners using kerosene heaters, portable generators or using their gas stoves to heat the immediate area need to be aware of the fire hazard they present. It goes without saying that these heat sources should be kept away from furniture and drapes. We have found that some homeowners are not aware they should only refuel such heat sources outdoors and only when the heat source has cooled down. A Kew Forest New York plumbing and heating professional can show you how to do these things safely and answer all your questions.

NYC Heating Systems

Not everyone has inspecting the heating and plumbing systems for the winter on their list of things to do. Most people figure they work now, and they will continue working, right? Wrong. Bitterly cold temperatures take a toll on a heating unit no matter what the thermostat setting. The unit will work harder to deliver heat indoors. It will also work harder when the filter is dirty. Check it each month and change it when it is dirty or at least every three months. Even if it is in the middle of winter, calling New York plumbing and heating professionals like Kew Forest Plumbing can save homeowners money on their power bills.

NYC Plumbing Systems

Cold temperatures take a toll on water heaters as well as heating systems and with much the same effect. Water piped up from the water main is cold. The water heater heats the cold supply water to the temperature setting the homeowner has chosen, and it is then piped to the individual plumbing fixture such as a shower. The colder the temperature outside, the colder the supply water is and more your water heater needs to work to heat the water. Thermal expansion and the difference in temperatures also creates stress on the water heater. These factors could abruptly spell the end of a nice hot shower if the water heater fails.

Some steps a homeowner can do to prevent trouble include simply opening cabinet doors if they conceal plumbing pipes. This may keep the pipes inside warm enough to not freeze. Wrapping exposed pipes in affordable insulating sleeves are the best way to ensure against freezing. We can come by and inspect your pipes, install insulating sleeves and other preparations for you.

Kew Forest Plumbing and Heating has kept New York warm and with hot water since 1929. Architectural Digest and New York Magazine think highly of us. Please contact Kew Forest Plumbing to let us know how we can keep winter storm Linus from getting the best of your New York plumbing and heating system.

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