Top Spring Plumbing Service Tasks Sump Pump Repair

Top Spring Plumbing Service Tasks You May Be Forgetting

Spring is here! This is a time for ‘spring cleaning’, starting over and feeling rejuvenated. Now is the perfect time for you to perform some common plumbing service maintenance tasks on your home’s plumbing. The warm weather we experience in spring will require you to take a different route than you would during the colder weather. Performing spring plumbing service tasks on your home’s plumbing system will help you keep your plumbing system in the best shape. Here are some tasks that help ensure your plumbing is ready for the spring.

Top Spring Plumbing Service Tasks Sump Pump Repair

Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop

Your home’s indoor faucets and outdoor faucets should be thoroughly tested so you can make sure they are working as they should. Your home’s outdoor faucets will likely let out some air when you initially turn them on, but this is not uncommon if your exterior faucet was turned off during the winter months. As for your home’s indoor faucets, you should always check the cold and water individually.

A leaky faucet can lead to structural damage before you even know that something is not right. You should always be alert for leaks. Pay attention to the area under your refrigerator, check for water stains and spots on your floor, wall, and even your ceiling. The areas that are more prone to cause a bulge of water should also be on your watch list, including the faucets and hoses on your washing machine.

Pipe Check

Inspecting your home’s pipes is very important during this time of the year because the weather can vary greatly. As we have experienced, temperatures will fluctuate during this time of the year. The constant fluctuations can undermine the integrity of your home’s piping system. This can eventually lead to the type of leaks that were mentioned above, as well as a rupture of other structural damage. You should familiarize yourself with your pipes and your home’s shutoff valve so you will be able to thoroughly inspect them.

The Sump Pump

While the spring can bring plenty of sunshine, it can also bring plenty of rain. While the rain showers in April can eventually lead to beautiful flowers in May, this season can also bring multiple problems if your sump pump is not working the way it should. Make sure your sump pump has been tested this spring so the sump pump can receive the right maintenance and repairs it needs to get in working order.

The Water Heater

Your water heater should receive a visual inspection every six months (often done by the homeowner). However, the springtime is also the perfect time to have your water heater flushed. When was the last time your water heater had a good flush? Water heater flushing is one of our most highly recommended annual spring plumbing service tasks. It extends the life of the water heater and is recommended by most water heater manufacturers.

Check Your Water Pressure

If you are being slowed down by low water pressure, there can be multiple reasons why this is taking place. Some of the common reasons why you are having problems with your water pressure could be caused by your water heater, a water leak that has yet to be identified, problems with your water softener, or a problem with your pressure reducing valve.

We are sure you have plenty of other tasks on your list that you still have to complete this spring, but these are some of the common plumbing service tasks you should take on this spring. For professional help with your spring plumbing service tasks, contact Kew Forest Plumbing today.

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