Ridgewood Queens Plumber High Water Pressure

Ridgewood Queens Plumber Talks About High Water Pressure Issues

A high-pressure shower is not the kind of thing that makes most people worry. However, if the water pressure in your home is too great, it can easily lead to premature wear and degradation for your pipes, valves, and even plumbing fixtures. If you suspect that high water pressure in your home may be too high, read on. This article will provide you with some useful information about recognizing the signs of excessively high water pressure.

Ridgewood Queens Plumber High Water Pressure


Chances are you have encountered the symptoms of high water pressure before even if you are not aware of it. Perhaps the most common is the problem known as knocking pipes. This involves the occurrence of loud banging sounds that tend to go on as long as a particular fixture remains on. At the heart of this problem is the fact that the flow rate of the water is simply too great, given the diameter of the pipe.

Another common symptom are persistent leaks. These tend to continue being a problem even after replacing the washers in a particular fixture. A toilet that tends to run at mysterious intervals may also be caused by high water pressure. That is because, as more and more water forces its way into the tank, it will eventually find its way into the overflow pipe.

Finally, one of the most unfortunate symptoms of high water pressure are water-consuming appliances that seem to breakdown or require maintenance on a regular basis. This is often tied to internal components that have become damaged or miscalibrated as the result of excessive water force.


Those who suspect they may be dealing with high water pressure are highly encouraged to verify the problem through the use of a hose bib gauge. This tool is screwed onto a threaded fixture–an outdoor hose spigot is a convenient place–and the water is then turned on. The gauge will then display the pressure of the water trying to escape through the spigot. Any pressure above 80 psi should be considered cause for worry.

If you do not own a hose bib gauge, or would simply like a Ridgewood Queens plumber to help diagnose your high water pressure issues, please contact Kew Forest Plumbing.

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