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Richmond Hill Plumber Talks What Not to Do if You Have a Frozen Pipe

We are experiencing the coldest months of the year, and those cold fronts from the North can bring some bone-chilling temperatures. Add in some wind, and things get even more uncomfortable. Richmond Hill residents might even have the experience of turning on the faucet during one of these cold snaps and either no, or very little water comes out. This commonly happens when you have a frozen pipe, and it is important to know how to proceed. This Richmond Hill plumber suggests what not to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Burst Pipe Richmond Hill Plumber

Don’t ignore the situation. Sometimes the temperature rises and the pipe thaws out, but other times the pipe bursts and results in thousands of dollars of damage. It is not a good time to gamble.

Don’t open the faucet and leave home. Some people think that will relieve the pressure and go about their day. If water does start running again, you will have wasted water, and maybe even return home to a flood. Water damage from a flood can be both costly and time consuming.

Don’t use a blowtorch or other open flame to try to thaw out the pipe. Many people who try this end up calling the fire department instead of a plumber. Remember, drywall and insulation can be flammable.

Frozen pipes are a part of winter, especially in older homes or ones that are not insulated well. Sometimes it can be prevented by letting faucets slowly drip on a cold night, or leaving kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors open to allow heat to access the pipes. If it is a frequent problem, pipes or walls probably need to be better insulated.

If you find yourself in a situation with frozen pipes, there is no need to panic, but it is important to act quickly. Ensure you hire a qualified, licensed Richmond Hill plumber to help you rectify the situation safely and without added damage. In the New York City area, contact Kew Forest Plumbing.

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