Restuarant Plumbing Repair Done Right

Rapid Response is Vital for Restaurant Plumbing Repair

Time is money, as they say. For restaurants in New York City, waiting on a plumber can have serious consequences. The time it takes your plumbing contractor to find your business and get through your door can mean lost sales, lost customers and expensive damages to your commercial property. So when you need restaurant plumbing repair, you need it done quick and done properly.

Restuarant Plumbing Repair Done Right

Having to close your doors because of a backed-up drain can be devastating. For restaurants, plumbing issues can cause a major disruption to the daily routine. For an industry with a variable profit margin, losing a day’s sales is not an option.

Plumbing issues are not always emergencies. A slow toilet, a rancid grease trap or sour floor drains can make customers think twice about eating in your restaurant. When there are so many options, keeping your plumbing systems healthy and free of grease & clogs is an important part of staying in business. If you have a drain or a toilet backing up, or just omitting a foul odor, your customers may not be coming back.

When your plumbing service gets waylaid, you may be stuck trying to hold back a tide of sewer waste or a flood of water. The longer they take, the more chance there is of serious water damage occurring to your property. Water and sewer can have a disastrous effect on floors and fixtures. Wait too long and not only will you need new carpets, but you may need new floorboards too.

For restaurants in NYC, where even the cabbies get lost, a good plumbing service with a GPS enabled fleet is a must. Waiting on lost plumbers can cost you sales, customers, and expensive repairs. Kew Forest, located in Glendale, is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need restaurant plumbing repair now contact Kew Forest Plumbing today.

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