Radiant PEX Tubing

First-Rate, Radiant PEX Tubing Helps NYC Families Stay Warm

With nippy weather beginning to descend on Glendale, New York, our team of heating experts have started fielding calls from home and business owners interested in staying safe and warm this winter. One of the products that we’ve been using on those service calls is radiant PEX tubing. PEX has been a part of heating systems in America since the 80’s and with good reason.

Radiant PEX Tubing

The tubing features a high-density, premium polyethylene polymer, which gives it clear advantages over other products. For starters, it’s flexible and comes in long lengths. These dimensions mean there is little to no need for a substantial amount of leak-prone coupling fittings and soldering materials during the installation process. The radiant PEX tubing also inherently reduce incidents of water hammer, scale build-up, energy loss and temperature related breakage. As a result, there is a direct reduction of future capital expenditure needed for utility bills, repairs, maintenance and replacement costs.

Of course, the quality of radiant PEX tubing used during home or commercial installations will play a role in controlling those costs too. At Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we make a conscientious effort only to work with the best radiant PEX tubing manufacturers. That’s why customers often see us using products made by Uponor. Kew Forest Plumbing has been in business for more than four decades and pride themselves on creating sustainable products. So much so, that just this year, they received yet another prestigious award for their efforts.

They are not the only well respected, PEX tubing manufacturer that we deal with either. Our team also favors radiant heating components produced by MrPEX®, Warmboard and RIFENG®. All three have been in business for many years as well. To learn more about how we use their radiant PEX tubing to create warm, eco-friendly, healthy environments for Glendale residents, please contact the Kew Forest Plumbing team today.

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