Radiant Heat Contractor Hydronic Heating Diagram

Radiant Heat Contractor Explains Hydronic Heating

As a premier radiant heat contractor, we know that modern radiant heat systems are gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. Radiant heat is 25 percent more efficient than forced-air systems, researchers from the Kansas State University and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers have found. This is partly due to reduced heat loss. Because radiant heat does not need ducts, registers, or blowing air, it is a better option for homeowners who suffer from allergies, as it can reduce the spread of dust, bacteria, and other particles that can affect health and air quality.

Radiant Heat Contractor Hydronic Heating Diagram

Radiant systems also heat more evenly, increasing comfort for residents. Radiant heating systems do not require many of the obtrusive components common to traditional heating systems, such as radiators, vents, and baseboards. This can increase the design potential for the room and the home.

Radiant heating systems are not a totally new technology. In the New York area, traditional systems usually involved copper piping, enclosed within a concrete slab, that received its heat from water sent from the furnace. The warmed concrete then radiates heat upward in an even fashion.

Modern systems work a little differently. As Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating explains on our radiant heating page, nowadays we use other materials and engineering for the greatest in efficiency. Rather than copper tubes, we use more flexible poly-based tubing, which is available in various multi-layer compositions from several brands. Instead of concrete, panels are built with materials such as aluminum, which can be hundreds of times more conductive.

The Kew Forest Pluming radiant heat contractor can help you choose the best radiant heating system for your particular needs. We work with some of the top brands in the industry, including Warmboard, MrPEX, Rifeng, and Uponor. Contact Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating and let us be your radiant heat contractor.

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