Manhattan Plumbing and Heating Spring Maintenance

Queens Plumbing and Heating Company Discusses Spring Maintenance

Now that winter has started to release its grip on Queens, it is time to consider what you need to do to ensure that your plumbing and heating system is going to be ready for another winter. Maintaining your plumbing and heating systems can help you avoid costly winter malfunctions. Hiring a Queens plumbing and heating company like Kew Forest Plumbing to come in and inspect your systems during the warmer weather can save you hundreds of dollars in unexpected repair costs and help your family stay comfortable all year long.

Manhattan Plumbing and Heating Spring Maintenance

Heating system maintenance

The older your heating system is, the more beneficial regular Queens plumbing and heating maintenance can be. Dust, lint and debris can cause all types of problems in your heating system. Additionally, components need to be cleaned regularly, and your unit may also need flushing and/or purging to ensure smooth operation. Some of the common maintenance tasks that can be performed include:

Checking wires – frayed wiring can cause your heating system to malfunction when you need it most and can also cause fires.

Pipe checking – pipes can get clogged and also collect pockets of air. These conditions can lead to leaks, poor circulation or simply problem heating and flow during the time when you need it most.

Thermostat calibration – thermostats need to be accurate, and the electronics should be inspected for dust and dirt that can cause problems.

Plumbing maintenance recommendations

Not only should your heating system be checked but there are certain plumbing fixtures that should regularly be inspected including:

Water heater – your water heater should be checked for leaks, rust and signs of wear. Flushing the water heater tank, adjusting the temperature and checking the anode rod, should be done annually.

Kitchen traps and disposals – you can avoid costly plumbing emergencies by ensuring that your garbage disposal and your kitchen sink traps are clean and free of debris that can lead to clogs.

Laundry maintenance – your home laundry could be collecting dirt and debris. Have the trap checked for debris that could cause clogs later.

While you are creating your spring cleaning list, put one more item on that list. Contact Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating and us come by and provide your Queens plumbing and heating a spring maintenance checkup. You will be happy you did, and the money you can save could be substantial.

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