Protecting Pipes in Wall

Protecting Pipes From Freezing During Frigid Temperatures

Whether you own or rent, keeping protecting pipes within your structure will be necessary when cold weather hits. Failing to take the time to take precautions with your piping system can lead to unfortunate bursting incidents. That can lead to flooding and property damage. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your pipes intact throughout a cold snap.

Protecting Pipes in Wall

Add Insulation To Keep Pipes Warm

Pipes can be covered with pieces of foam or tape insulation before winter weather arrives. This will give pipes a layer of protection to help keep water inside from turning into ice. Insulation is easily applied by sliding or wrapping it over pipes in areas prone to the coolest of conditions.

Consider Exposing Some Pipes To Heat

Pipes located under sinks were cabinetry is present will be prone to freezing earlier than others in the home as they will not have a direct heat source available to keep them warm. Opening doors to expose pipes will aid in keeping water flowing. Use a space heater to warm areas where heating vents are not present. Make sure to do this at a time when someone is home for safety reasons.

Allow Pipes To Drip During Freezing Weather

It is a good idea to allow your sink and tub faucets to drip when temperatures are expected to plummet for an extended time period. This will keep water moving inside of the pipes at a slow rate, helping to keep ice from forming as a result. Use the cold water faucet so hot water in the home is not used up and reduce energy bills.

If a pipe bursts, a call to a professional will be necessary. Turn off the water to the affected area and contact Kew Forest Plumbing for immediate service.

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