Preventing Plumbing NYC Water Damage

3 Steps to Prevent Plumbing NYC Water Damage in Your Apartment

Water damage can be quite costly to repair, and can make your apartment uncomfortable and in the worst case scenario, unlivable. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent it. Use these tips from plumbing NYC experts to prevent water damage from occurring in your apartment, home or building.

Preventing Plumbing NYC Water Damage

Perform Plumbing NYC Maintenance

Clogged drains, rusted pipes, or malfunctioning appliances can cause a problem for plumbing NYC. Develop a habit of addressing plumbing problems in a timely fashion as they occur, and schedule regular maintenance for your appliances. It is best to handle issues as they arise by unclogging drains and having appliances serviced. You may be able to apply Drano to the shower drain yourself; however, for anything more serious, schedule a plumbing NYC appointment. You could do more harm than good trying to replace a leaky pipe or snake out the shower drain on your own. Inexperienced soldering in tight spaces can start fires and damage drywall.

Track Your Plumbing NYC Water Usage

Higher than average water usage can be an early warning sign of water damage. Many pipes develop small leaks before they blow and start discharging large amounts of water. Get in the habit of reviewing and tracking your water bills. If one seems much higher than average, schedule a plumbing NYC service inspection of your apartment. You may be able to catch a failing pipe before it completely deteriorates and water floods the apartment.

Plan In Advance For Vacations

Should a pipe burst or an appliance leak while you are traveling, your apartment could develop mold and sustain significant water damage. To ensure that a leak or failure does not happen, ask a friend to look in on your apartment while you are away. Turn off the appliance water valves at the outlet level, so that no water is in the system. Finally, provide your friend with the name and number of your plumber, in case anything should go wrong.

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