Cooking Oil Plumbing Clog

Strategies For Preventing A Plumbing Clog, Watch What You Discard

Sink drains are possibly the single most common househould source of a plumbing clog. In large part, this has to with the tendency many people have to discard just about anything down their sink. But just because something will physically fit down the drain, it is not always a good idea to put it there. This article will discuss two ways to be a better drain steward while also reducing the likelihood of clogs in the process.

Cooking Oil Plumbing Clog

Collect your grease and cooking oil.

Grease and cooking oil are two of the worst things you can put down your drain, yet many people persist in this problematic habit. This is an easy mistake to make, since grease and oil are quite fluid when in a high-temperature cooking state. The inside of your pipes remains at a much cooler temperature, one that will soon cause that grease to begin congealing on the walls. This, in turn, will provide a perfect place for other clog-causing substances to collect.

Always avoid the temptation to dump cooking oils down your sink drain. Instead, keep an old coffee can or spaghetti sauce jar around, and use this as a place to collected excess grease. Once the can or jar is full, simply slap a lid on it and toss it in the trash. Your drain pipes and your wallet will both thank you.

Never put grout or tiling compounds down the drain.

Many DIY homeowners find themselves tackling simple tile projects or repairs from time to time. Such projects often involve the use of grout and other joint compounds. Be sure never to flush leftover amounts of these substances down their drains.

Those who do often believe that the cement in the product will become so diluted that it cannot cause any problems. Yet the chemical reaction that causes grout to harden can happen even while it is under water. This often results in rock-hard deposits in drain pipes. Always throw away any leftover grout in your trash.

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