Fix Summer Plumbing Issues

Plumbing Servcie in Queens? Here are 5 Summer Plumbing Issues

Summer is here, and so are summer plumbing issues. Whether you live in a house, apartment, townhome, or high-rise condo, every home has to deal with the usual seasonal plumbing issues. Here in Queens where most of us share plumbing infrastructure with at least a dozen other people, it’s important to be prepared for the varying demands and plumbing troubles that arrive with each new season. We all know about the risk of bursting frozen pipes in the winter which is bad enough, but nothing beats the hassle (and possible stench) of summer plumbing issues at the height of summer heat. Before it gets too much hotter this year, it’s time to think about your pipes and whether or not they’re prepared for the increased demands of warm weather. Here are the top five plumbing concerns for any Queens resident.

Fix Summer Plumbing Issues


Increased Demand

The first and most undeniable change in your plumbing concerns is the fact that everyone uses more water in the summer. Heat causes you to drink more water and sweat causes you to take more showers. Warm weather can also speed up your metabolism resulting in more frequent toilet flushes, not to mention outdoor activities. Summertime leads to sprinklers to keep grass from getting crunchy, children have sprinkler, hose, and water balloon fights at every given opportunity, and even adults find excuses to wash their cars or spray down their homes in the hot weather. All this can result in a lot of extra stress on your pipes.

Plantlife Obstructions

Another cause of summer plumbing issues, one that few people of in Queens think of until it’s too late, is the possibility of new growth plants spreading their roots and vines into and around your pipes. Even a single crack or opportunity can result in lowered water pressure, not from demand but because the pipes are filling with plant matter or cracking as tree roots try to access the precious water inside.

Backing Up Sewers

The rains that often come with spring and summer may be pleasant above ground, but they have a nasty tendency of leaking into and filling up the sewers. And we do mean nasty. Full may sewers imply that your drains stop working and, worse, too much warm summer rain can result in your sewer line backing up into your home. There are ways to prevent this, but it will require the work of a professional.

Outdoor Plumbing Leaks

If your outdoor plumbing fixtures have been sitting unused for months, alternately freezing and baking in UV rays, chances are that they are not exactly in top condition by the time you’re ready to start watering the lawn or letting the kids throw their first water-balloon fight. Compromised outdoor plumbing can leak and cause water damage to your home if not checked before you get started. Even if an outside pipe and faucet seem alright at first, keep an eye on them in case stress from their use causes a leak in the future.

Garbage Disposal Abuse

Finally, warm weather also tends to change the way we eat. Greasy barbecue and starchy side dishes like potato salad may stick to the plates and need to be rinsed, but they also stick to the inside of your pipes after going down the garbage disposal. Grease collecting in a sewer can cause clogged drains. Enough grease down a shared building drain can cause consequences for everyone.

If your home or building is experiencing some of these classic Queens summer plumbing issues, don’t let the problem get worse with time. Contact Kew Forest Plumbing today. We’re ready to provide expert local assistance with everything from your sewer line connection to your roof garden sprinklers.

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