Pipes Froze Then Burst Bat Signal

The Day the Pipes Froze Then Burst, Kew Forest Plumbing To The Rescue

In the comic books, New York City is brimming with superheroes. Batman patrols the night, Spider-Man swings through Manhattan helping the city, and Daredevil keeps Hell’s Kitchen residents safe and sound. However, who does New York City call when they find their pipes froze then burst and need fixing?

Pipes Froze Then Burst Bat Signal

We here at Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating have never considered ourselves superheroes. We have always believed in doing our best for every customer on every job, big or small, and helping them overcome the stress and anxiety that often comes hand-in-hand with plumbing and heating problems. We do not hesitate when it comes to jumping into action for residential home owners, property managers or business owners in the New York City area.

Our goal at Kew Forest Plumbing is always to have satisfied, happy customers. Sometimes we hear from them and other times we do not. Now and again, we get the kind of response on Yelp from a client like we did recently after receiving an emergency call about frozen pipes.

“AWESOME!” writes Yelp user GhostFish Z. in their review. “The last several days the windchill & temps have been below 0…so on a freaking Holiday Monday Afternoon Emergency our pipes froze then burst. A waterfall from the attic!”

With water running freely into their house, the customer remembered a friend’s recommendation and decided to call Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating. The phone rang on our end and we were ready to answer despite the holiday. The review states that all of our workers were out on other calls as the frigid temperatures kept us busy throughout the entire day, but our staff called back just a few minutes later and we dispatched two of our experts to the customer’s house knowing they would get right to work upon arrival. Every second counts when a customer’s pipes froze then burst.

“In less than 45 mins. John (and) Luigi showed up and in superhero precision spread out and rapidly went to work!” the review says. “Working on 2 levels…running up and down stairs, checking, testing, welding, fixing…like lightning! They even helped with cleanup!”

The review was the kind of surprise that makes the long hours and hard work during the frigid winter months so rewarding. In fact, it was a bit extra heartwarming to know that this customer viewed the work our crew did as above and beyond what they expected was even more rewarding.

The customer was kind enough to compare our crew to the superheroes that have become synonymous with New York City.

“Your van should have the Batman Logo or the X-men, or maybe a big ‘S’ on the sides!”

We are not superheroes. We are simply dedicated to being the best plumbing and heating experts we can be. The Kew Forest rapid response unit is on call 24/7/365, is GPS equipped and ready to help you anytime you need. Please contact Kew Forest Plumbing for all of your emergency or non-emergency plumbing or heating needs.

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