Sink Strainer Basket NYC Plumbing Leak

NYC Plumbing Leak? Addressing a Leaky Sink Strainer Basket

Sinks are one of the most common sources of NYC plumbing leak in the home. Unfortunately, even relatively minor leaks can drive up your water bill, and may also lead to costly forms of water damage. If you would like to learn more about addressing one common type of sink leak, read on. This article will discuss the problem of leaky strainer baskets.

Sink Strainer Basket NYC Plumbing Leak

The Strainer Basket

The strainer basket is the round metal piece installed flush against the bottom of the sink. It gets its name from the fact that it provides a resting place for the strainer basket inside of your sink. The strainer basket is affixed to the sink using a special locknut, while a coupling nut is responsible for attaching the outflow pipe to the bottom of the basket.

Strainer Basket Issues

Strainer baskets may lead to leaks for a number of reasons. For one thing, it may be the case that the coupling nut used to connect the basket to the plumbing pipe has worked loose. Even more frequently the problem as to do with the degradation of the plumber’s putty used to create a waterproof seal where the top of the basket contacts the inside of the sink.

NYC Plumbing Leak Testing

Before calling a plumber to fix your leaky strainer basket, it is best to verify that this is indeed the source of the problem. Just because you see water dripping off the underside of the sink, this does not necessarily mean that the strainer basket is the source. Wait until the leak has stopped, and the bottom of the sink is dry. Now turn on the water while holding a tissue against the strainer basket. If the tissue grows damp, you can be sure that the basket is at fault.

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