NYC Furnace Repair Warning Signs Cleaning

NYC Furnace Repair Warning Signs Before a Failure Leaves You Freezing

To recognize NYC furnace repair warning signs, we’ve put together the following list. You should be able to notice that something is about to go wrong with your furnace.  Early detection of a furnace issue will help keep your house warm. If you can call a repair service before your furnace fails, it’s possible that you can avoid any loss of heat due to a furnace failure.

NYC Furnace Repair Warning Signs Cleaning

A broken home air system is inconvenient any time of the year, but in the middle of winter, it can quickly become a dire situation. Even if you had your furnace inspected in the fall, your furnace might still start to show signs of trouble right when you need it most. While you might be able to survive a day or two with space heaters, no one should have to live in a freezing Manhattan home with a misbehaving or dead heating system.

The Thermostat Can’t Keep Up

One of the earliest warning signs you can catch is how well your heater keeps up with the requests you make at the thermostat. Ideally, you set the thermostat to a nice toasty 70, and your heater kicks on until the house is 70. However, if you find that you keep having to nudge the thermostat up to keep your rooms warm, your furnace is failing.

Unsettling Sounds from the Utility Closet

Your furnace may whirr or click from time to time, but it should never make a thumping or scraping noise that can be heard outside your utility closet. If your furnace sounds unsettling and seems to be ‘banging around’ even one time, there is something seriously wrong with the unit, and immediate repairs are advised before your furnace damages itself any further.

Weak Warm Airflow From the Vents

Often, a good way to test your furnace performance is to hold your hand up to a vent and judge what is coming out. If the air is warm but not flowing with any force or velocity, it’s no wonder your rooms are cold. This means that something about your air circulation system is the problem, possibly in tandem with the efficiency of the heater itself.

Cold Airflow

But the real problems start if you feel a reasonable force of air but that air is cold. Air coming from a functioning heater should never be cold, even when you’ve got the thermostat turned down for energy efficiency. If the air is cold, that means your heater may have already given up, and immediate winter repairs will be necessary to keep your home comfortably warm.

The Constant ‘Click’

Another clear indication that your furnace is trying to work hard and failing is a constant clicking sound. If your furnace has been trying to turn itself on and run over and over, this is a clear sign that something has gone wrong. It also means that your heater seems unable to provide a sustained amount of heat which will quickly result in a freezing home.

Surprisingly High Power Bill

Finally, watch out for the amount on your power bill if you suspect your heater is losing the ability to keep up with the needs of your house. Heaters are built to try to provide heat even when they’re failing, and in doing so, they can use up a lot of electricity. If your power bill is suddenly sky-high, this means your heater is using a lot of electricity attempting to work and failing to do so.

Is your Manhattan heater or furnace showing signs of failure? If so, now is the time to call for a repair service before your heater fully gives up. This will give you the best chance to stay warm in your home without a single having to go without heat. Stay warm, this winter, and don’t get caught off guard with a failing furnace when you need it most. Our team is here for you if you notice any of these NYC furnace repair warning signs. If you need an inspection or winter repairs on your heating unit, contact Kew Forest Plumbing today, and we’ll have a team out to your home.

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