New York Plumber Creates Father's Day Surprise

New York Plumber Creates Father’s Day Bathroom Surprise

Father’s Day is rolling around again, and it is time to come up with a gift for the Dad in your life. Instead of the usual grill or sports-themed gift, consider calling a New York plumber to come in and renovate your bathroom to make it better for dad. When it comes to bathrooms, men consistently want the same things. The top request among men is a roomy tiled shower. A large shower with room to turn around without bumping elbows and knees is usually number one on their priority list.

New York Plumber Creates Father's Day Surprise

If you are going to renovate the shower, then consider a couple more things that are on most men’s wish lists. First, a bench. Why stand when you can sit? Men love having a built-in bench in their shower. Second, if you are going to re-do the shower, you might as well trick it out a little. Both men and women love a rainfall shower head, as it eliminates the problem of having to stoop down to get under the traditional shower head. Also, powerful shower jets are very popular, as they provide massaging water that every guy enjoys when he needs some stress-relief.

Everyone wants more counter space. Traditionally, the women complain about this issue, but men see the need too. There’s nothing more frustrating for them than trying to shave while toothpaste, combs, and other items are falling into the sink. Next, consider installing a taller toilet. Men like to be comfortable at all times. Even in the bathroom. If you have the room, enclosing it is an excellent idea too.

Renovating the bathroom might not be something you would normally associate with Father’s Day because you might not hear Dad complain about it. However, most men (and women) spend enough time getting ready for their day, that positive changes to make the bathroom more comfortable and useful are always welcome. If you live in the NYC area and would like to talk to a New York plumber about making some changes for Dad in the bathroom, contact Kew Forest Plumbing today.

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