What You Need to Know About the New NAECA III Regulation

The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act was put into effect on March 17th, 1987. This act was proposed to regulate the energy consumption of small household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units, dishwashers, pool heaters, washer/dryers, and more. Just recently, an addition was made to the act, adding new standards for domestic water heaters. These changes will take effect April 16th, 2015. The new standards the bill outlines are as follows;

  • Gas-Fired: > 20 gal and < 55 gal, < 75,000 BTU/Hr.
  • Requirements: 0.675 – (0.0015 x V)
  • Gas Fired: > 55 gal and < 100 gal, < 75,000 BTU/Hr.
  • Requirements: 0.8012 – (0.00078 x V)
  • Oil-Fired: < 50 gal, < 105,000 BTU/Hr.
  • Requirements: 0.68 – (0.0019 x V)
  • Electric: > 20 gal and < 55 gal, < 12 KW input
  • Requirements: 0.960 – (0.0003 x V)
  • Electric: > 55 gal and < 120 gal, < 12 KW input
  • Requirements: 2.057 – (0.00113 x V)

These changes mean some models of water heater will no longer be manufactured. For those replacing their water heaters, size may be an issue. The new heaters will be 2″+ wider than their counterparts with the same gallon capacity. In addition, the new units may be 2″+ higher than their same gallon counterparts as well.

Ralph Perez, the product manager at A.O. Smith talked about the impact that NAECA III will have on the residential plumbing and water heater business in the coming year.

“We refer to [this update] as NAECA 3,” explained Ralph Perez, director of product management with A. O. Smith. “Most storage water heaters will have to become more efficient. It covers storage and tankless residential water heaters. Most of the impact will be on regular, atmospheric vent standing pilot gas water heaters, as well as conventional electric water heaters. Some products will get larger as more insulation is added. Some models will no longer be permitted under the new regulations because current technology is not capable of achieving the new efficiency requirements.”

The change does not mean that older models of water heater can no longer be sold. All those which have been manufactured up to that point will still be sold and installed as the guideline does not reach back before the implantation date. Ralph Perez recommends everyone in the industry become familiar with the changes to come. Being knowledgeable about the act will help in the long run, giving you and your business a head start.

Download the NAECA Guidelines Brochure PDF

Download the NAECA Builder Brochure PDF

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