Mistakes That Warrant Richmond Hill Plumber

5 Mistakes That Warrant a Call to a Richmond Hill Plumber

Some plumbing issues like garbage disposals, fixtures, and toilets can appear to be easy fixes. However, it is wise to rely on a professional Richmond Hill plumber when your next plumbing situation occurs. Calling the Richmond Hill plumber Kew Forest Plumbing to avoid causing damage. Here are five common plumbing issues that result in a majority of plumbing service calls.

Mistakes That Warrant Richmond Hill Plumber

Garbage Disposal Abuse: Many people mistake the garbage disposal as a second trash can. Forcing food can cause the blades to stop working, which leads to a clog. Many things should never go down a disposal. These include potato and vegetable peels, grease and oils, pasta and egg shells.

Weight on Fixtures: Many people do not realize the potential damage of hanging organizers around the shower head. These can be found in just about any department store. However, placing too much weight can cause the shower head to break. Using corner shower shelving units are preferred.

Flushing Things Down the Toilet: Clogged toilets account for a large number of plumbing calls. It is crucial to only plush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Anything else can cause a clog. Keep an eye on your little ones. Kids love flushing things down the toilet. When a toilet is clogged by an unwanted object, the toilet usually needs to be removed to clear it. However, most people attempt to use a plumber. This can cause the object to go further down the waste line.

Unneeded Force on Faucet Handle: There seems to be a phenomenon for using force to stop a drip. When a faucet is dripping, it is important to avoid pulling and pushing the faucet too hard. This does not help the situation. In fact, using too much force can cause the handle to snap.

Putting Parts Back Together Incorrectly: When attempting to replace a plumbing item, people tend to forget how to put things back in order. Removing a kitchen faucet then having extra parts after reassembling it is not a good thing. To avoid this, draw an illustration as you remove the components.

It is important to use a licensed and insured plumbing when making changes or repairs to your plumbing system. Contact Richmond Hill plumber Kew Forest Plumbing and our trained professionals we will help you with your next garbage disposal, fixture, or toilet plumbing issue.

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