Smart Home Upgrades Manhattan Renovation Plumber

Manhattan Renovation Plumber Talks Smart Home Upgrades

Have you considered updating the plumbing in your home with the latest high-tech devices you can operate on your smartphone? When your plans for plumbing include smart home solutions, you need a Manhattan renovation plumber on the job. With the right skills and proper techniques for installing these types of plumbing devices, you can also be eligible for tax deductions, rebates, or grants from the federal government for reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

Smart Home Upgrades Manhattan Renovation Plumber

Getting smart home plumbing upgrades to beat Manhattan’s winter

When you want your home to have more automated systems that can be controlled with an app on your smartphone, do not forget that plumbing can be added to this list. Especially when it is cold outside during a Manhattan winter, you might be thankful that you paid your plumber to hook up your hot tub to an app that allows you to have it hot and ready the minute you get home from a rather gloomy, overcast day. In addition to controlling appliances that use plumbing remotely such as hot tubs, indoor swimming pools or saunas, environmentally friendly tankless water heaters can be added.

Using smart home plumbing apps to beat higher winter energy bills

During colder months, some appliances draw more energy to keep warm. For this reason, a water heater might cost more to operate than expected. Instead of paying to operate a water heater they rarely use, homeowners often get an upgrade for plumbing that includes a device that allows your hot water heater to be turned on or off remotely. This cheap device that takes a short time to install ultimately pays for itself in the short-term.

Water meters for water conservation

In homes that want to become educated about how much water they are using, a water meter is extremely useful. These devices have significantly upgraded in the past years, and now they are available for smartphone use. In advanced models, there is a function that allows you to get alerts when your water usage is exceeding normal limits. This can be helpful information in the winter in case you have a water pipe that suddenly breaks.

Let us help you with your next plumbing renovation

We care about our customers at Kew Forest, and we want you to have all of the information you need to make the best decision about your next plumbing renovation. From upgrading antiquated plumbing to installing energy-saving devices that allow you to control your home from an app, we have the answers you have been looking for. To get started, contact the Manhattan renovation plumber KewForest Plumbing today. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for choosing us as your plumbing maintenance, inspection, installation, renovation, and repair service.

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