Manhattan Plumbers Clogged Drains Sink Backup

Clogged Drains Aren’t All the Same, Manhattan Plumbers Know

Manhattan residents know how to use a plunger if the sink is clogged.  So when the standard suggestions for unclogging a drain does not work, Manhattan plumbers are called in. It is said that drain clogs are the most common reason for needing professional Manhattan plumbers. What do the pros find when they check out the problem? Here are a couple of recent discoveries.

Manhattan Plumbers Clogged Drains Sink Backup

Massive Amounts of the Usual Debris

This is a common situation. Many people are willing to put up with slow-running drains as long as the stuff in the sink or tub eventually goes away. However, since water can get through almost anything, even a pencil lead-sized opening through a clog allows for a “slow drain.” Once the time comes that even that gap seals itself off, the clog is immovable by the tools available to most homeowners. In these cases, Manhattan plumbers often get fast results with powered auger snake.

When we see large amounts of the usual debris, we know that only the power snake will clear the line and get things moving again. The auger snake destroys the clog by physically breaking the clog up. These pieces can then either be extracted or flushed down the sewer line, restoring proper flow.

Something Unexpected is Blocking Outflow

Households with children experience this on a surprisingly frequent basis. Dolls, toy cars, wallets, key sets, and anything else that can be chucked into a toilet and flushed has a chance of ending up there. Of course, kids are not the only culprits. Adults drop non-flushable objects in there too, but this is more often done by accident. Either way, the culprit often doesn’t want to ‘fess up. The toilet just stops working for “no reason,” leaving the plumber to fish the item out of the pipe.

These are just two of the things that can clog drains to the point that DIY clearance attempts will not work. Fortunately, we at Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating have the tools and expertise needed to diagnose and clear your drains no matter what is down there. Just contact Kew Forest Plumbing to get your drains running freely again.

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