Manhattan Bathroom Renovation Ideas Floating Sink

6 Fun Manhattan Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Homeowners

Looking for Manhattan bathroom renovation ideas? This is a great time for renovations and nothing makes a home more refreshed than a completely redesigned bathroom. With an artistic vision, a few new pieces of decoration, and the help of a professional Manhattan plumber, you should be able to completely transform any bathroom in your home. Not sure where to start? There are dozens of beautiful things you can do with your bathroom from changing the light fixtures to putting in spooky heat-reactive tiles. However, if what you really want is to change the functionality, then you absolutely must think about the plumbing.

Manhattan Bathroom Renovation Ideas Floating Sink

The Floating Sink

Time and time again in the last few years we have seen homeowners get tired of the old sink-and-cabinet deal. More often than not, the cabinet winds up a mess because the sink pipes take up most of the space anyway. Rather than dealing with the whole cabinet hassle, you can reclaim several square feet of room in your bathroom by redesigning the sink to be wall mounted and ‘float’ instead. With the help of an experienced plumber, a new sink can be installed that is suspended from the wall with its s-trap and usual pipes hidden either behind the wall or in a much smaller, more compact, wall hung cabinet.

The Walk-In Shower

Who wants to deal with the hassle of a bathtub you never use or a shower curtain when you can simply step into a luxurious special room made entirely for showering. Many homeowners find that by taking out the tub, they have plenty of room for a walk-in shower which is deep enough both for its own comfy bench and to keep the water contained without any need for a shower door or a curtain.

Walk-in showers give you the freedom to move around at will without worrying about puzzles. This is also your opportunity design a beautiful tile or stone enclosure with soap cubbies, shelves, multi-point sprayers, and beautiful waterproof decor.

Touch Faucets

We have all dreamed of the no-hands faucet and technology is doing its best to catch up. Motion detection has always had its flaws, but with a cool metal touch-faucet, you can control when the water starts and stops without having to touch faucet handles before your hands are clean. If you are good at plumbing DIY, touch faucets might be possible to handle alone, but you may want the help of a professional to ensure your installation is smooth and elegant upon completion.

The Two-Mode Toilet

Almost all homeowners eventually replace at least one toilet. The fact of the matter is that old toilets just are not as comfortable as newer, better-designed models and they often are more prone to leaks and clogs. The best kind of modern toilet is the two-mode. Most of the time it functions as an efficient low-flow, but if you hold the handle down, it flushes the whole tank to create a clog-buster function for your days that are not so low-flow.

The Glowing Bathroom

Finally, if you like glowing colored lights in the darkness, modern bathroom gadgets include everything from shower heads to toilet seats that glow beautiful neon colors in the dark. You can wash your hands in a rainbow, shower in a dancing aurora, and even find your way to the throne in the middle of the night without trouble. If you like pretty lights, now is the perfect time to remodel your bathroom with faucet lights on the fixtures and EL wire lining your vanity mirror.

There are thousands of different ways to renovate a bathroom, and you have all of them at the tips of your fingers. From single-family townhomes to high-rise condos, wherever you live in Manhattan, if you are thinking about renovating your bathroom this spring, do not forget to work with a professional plumber. For more information about Manhattan bathroom renovation ideas, contact Kew Forest Plumbing today!

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