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“Luckily, I Was Referred… Through A Friend”

Nina C. needed help fixing a toublesome leak in her toilet that was leaking through the neighbors ceiling. She called Kew Forest Plumbing and got her problem fixed quickly. Contact Kew Forest Plumbing and Heating today for your next toublesome plumbing and heating needs.

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“Luckily, I was referred to these guys through a friend.

I called and they took down my information. Then one of the supervisors got on to find out what kind of problem I was having – my toilet was leaking and was starting to leak through the neighbors ceiling. O_o

After describing the problem, he checked to see if anyone was available. As the issue had been happening for some time, I was hoping for them to come right away. Sure enough, they had a team in my area that was almost done with their current job – they use GPS for their teams, so they have up-to-the-minute updates on where their people are.

The guys showed up, both named James, and assessed the problem. They were very polite and kept me informed on what they were doing. They replaced the gaskets and warned me that there was an underlying problem that my property management company should actually fix. They even cleaned up after themselves!

As for pricing, I’m not sure what most plumbers charge, as this is really the first time I’m dealing with plumbers, but it seems fair compared to prices I found online. I had gotten a quote from the plumbers my building uses and they were trying to charge me double what these guys did! I’m glad I didn’t just let those other guys do the work.

If my property management company actually fixes the problem, I’m going to try and get these guys in to do the job instead. I’d definitely use them again!”

Nina C., New York, NY[/box]

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