Kew Forest Plumbing in Architectural Digest

Kew Forest Plumbing & MADE Installation Featured In Architectural Digest

New York, USA (Feb. 16, 2012) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

A recent Kew Forest Plumbing installation with MADE is featured In Architectural Digest. The Brooklyn design-and-build firm MADE (, whose clients include Chuck Close and Julianne Moore, recently renovated the Greenwich Village townhouse of Brooke Shields. Kew Forest Plumbing and Heating provided the plumbing and heating expertise to implement the project.

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“Shields, a real-estate romantic, toured brownstones all over Manhattan, she says, looking for “the one.” About four years ago she was shown a derelict (though landmarked) four-family brick house built around 1910, with a ramshackle ’60s addition. “It needed a complete gut,” she says, “but after a quick walk-through, I could see our future there. My bathtub in a niche by a window. Our daughters’ playroom on the top floor. A light-flooded, parlor-floor kitchen with a big hearth and a balcony. That kind of instant certainty is rare for me—I’m a Gemini—but for once, I was sure.”


Architectural Digest, Kew Forest Plumbing Bathroom
Bathroom by Kew Forest Plumbing Featured in Architectural Digest

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