Backflow Preventer NYC Why Is It Important

What Is So Important About A Backflow Preventer NYC?

A backflow preventer NYC is a critical device in large population centers such as NYC. It prevents contaminated water from backflowing into the city’s drinking water supply. So unless you are fond of drinking dirty laundry water, read on.

Backflow Preventer NYC Why Is It Important

The Water Quality Culprits

NYC has an undeserved reputation for having lousy drinking water. However, the DEP keeps pretty close tabs on the drinking water supply and publishes an annual report for the public. The latest NYC DEP water quality report, available in PDF format, can be found here.

The three main culprits found in drinking water are lead (Pb), bacteria, nitrates, and disinfectants (or disinfectant byproducts). Fortunately, NYC stacks up pretty well on reducing all these. Lead (Pb) has been reduced to a negligible amount as old pipes get replaced over the years, and those concerned can call 311 for a free test kit. The most-common bacteria Giardia and Cryptosporidium found in NYC drinking water but usually not in any amount to cause illness. Finally, NYC drinking water is treated with chlorine, fluoride, and orthophosphate to kill any virus or bacteria, prevent tooth decay, and keep metals (such as lead) from coming off of pipes and getting into the drinking supply.

What is a backflow prevention device?

Backflow prevention devices prevent contaminated water or chemicals from flowing back into the public drinking water supply system. Certain types of businesses are legally mandated to install and operate approved backflow preventers. For a comprehensive list of approved devices, please see below.

So why do I need a backflow preventer NYC?

Not only is it required, a backflow preventer NYC helps further ensure a safe drinking water supply by preventing an onslaught of contaminates from getting in. Businesses that require backflow preventers:

  • Premises that contain multiple water service lines
  • Premises featuring roof tanks and elevated storage lines
  • Car washes
  • Laundry services including dry-cleaners
  • Auto repair shops
  • Medical and dental offices including veterinarians
  • Premises that re-use or recycle water
  • Barber shops/beauty salons
  • Properties with in-ground irrigation sprinklers

For a full list, click here. In general, however, if your business uses chemicals, the facility requires the installation of a backflow prevention device.

Drink up, New York!

Contrary to the misconception in the rest of the United States, New York’s drinking water has consistently rated among the best. Backflow prevention devices will help maintain that standard especially in the event of an unexpected change in the water pressure, such as when multiple fire hydrants open at once.

Backflow devices must be installed and inspected by certified personnel. The plumbing experts at Kew Forest Plumbing specialize in new backflow preventer NYC installation, having your old backflow preventer NYC checked ensure it is up to the standards set by the NYC DEP. Kew Forest Plumbing can even make sure you have the proper type of backflow preventer NYC to handle your particular needs. Contact Kew Forest Plumbing for your backflow preventer NYC today!

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