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“I Would Highly Recommend Him”, Warmboard Referral

Sometimes we get referrals from an industry manufacturer. Often they are trying to help a homeowner in need of expertise with their product. That is what happened when Chris O’Dea, Regional Manager of Warmboard Inc. had Andrew B. contact us. Here is the letter Andrew B. sent us regarding the situation he was having with a previous plumbing and heating contractor and his Kew Forest experience. Kew Forest Plumbing fixed the previous work and made sure Andrew was setup properly in an efficient and timely manner.

“I wanted to thank you very much for recommending Darren Lundin of Kew Forest Plumbing and Heating.

Our heating system had been installed by the previous owner/developer, and it did not really work that well. Some rooms were repeatedly overheating, others were not getting heated enough, and there were some loud gurgling noises. The plumbing firm that had done the original work would not really help. They recommended another firm who fixed the system a little bit, but ended up going in circles (bleeding the air from the pipes more than once, claiming various parts were bad, etc.) without making much further progress. Finally, they recommended a repair which made absolutely no sense at all, at which point, I moved on and contacted Darren Lundin.

Mr. Lundin explained that the overshooting was because the water temperature was set too high. When he lowered the temperature, however, it became clear that the way the boiler room was piped, it could not pump enough hot water to heat more than one or two zones at a time. (Basically, the only way it worked at all was to overheat the various zones sequentially.) He said he might be to salvage the original work if he could understand what the design was intended to accomplish. Unfortunately, after his discussion with the original plumbing contractor, it became clear that there really was no “design” – the plumber (who obviously did not have enough experience with this type of system) had just made things up as he went along. Mr. Lundin recommended repiping the boiler according to the manufacturer’s specifications, which is what we did. The work went very smoothly, and the heating system has performed much better since then. He did a number of other repairs for us as well, which were also done to the same high standards.

I would highly recommend him.”

Andrew B.

(718) 456-0800