Toilet Leak Forest Hills Plumbing Questions

Forest Hills Plumbing Questions: What Is Causing My Toilet to Leak at the Base?

Today’s Forest Hills Plumbing Question is, what causes a toilet to leak at the base? Identifying problems with a toilet are usually not too difficult. Nevertheless, if you have water on the floor around your toilet, it is very important to locate the source. It can be an issue of condensation building up on the tank or the fill valve nut being loose. Both of these are easy DIY fixes. It can even be that water was not properly mopped up the last time the floor was cleaned. Beyond those very common issues, things can become a little more complicated.

Toilet Leak Forest Hills Plumbing Questions

The two issues which may require a plumbing professional or if the water around the toilet is from a water supply line value leak or the toilet’s bolts or seal are loose or damaged. Start your troubleshooting by wiping up all the water around the toilet, then closely inspect the tank. An issue with condensation on the tank is something that can’t be resolved. It is an issue with humidity in the bathroom.

If water is pooling where the base and the tank, connect, inspect the connection point. You may need to tighten the bolts which connect the base to the tank, or the water supply line where it connects to your fill value. Over time, these two connections can become loose. Regardless, if after drying the water, it then stays try, you will just need to caulk the toilet. If these easy fixes do not resolve the problem, consider contacting a plumbing professional.

The next step is to check if the water is coming from the base. After cleaning up any water around the toilet, flush the toilet and check to see if water appears. Your toilet is installed with bolts and a wax seal. These items can disintegrate with time. So, if you discover water seeping after you flush, the problem needs immediate attention. This water is contaminated with waste and bacteria, presenting a serious health risk.

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