Energy Efficient Thin Slab Radiant Heat

Five Things About Thin Slab Radiant Heat You Need to Know Before Winter

During the long, cold winter, there’s no better feeling than a comfortably warm home. However, an old, inefficient furnace and a drafty home will make your feet cold, and your heat bill soar. An excellent way to overcome this is to have a professional plumber install a more energy-efficient, thin slab radiant heat system in your home before the chilly New York City Winter sets in.

Energy Efficient Thin Slab Radiant Heat

Thin Slab Radiant Heat Retrofit Your Home

You might think that heating systems installed in flooring could only be applied to new construction. This is simply not the case, older homes can easily be retrofitted with thin slab radiant heat. With thin slab radiant heat, the entire floor radiates warmth that rises through the room naturally. Thin slab radiant heat also eliminates the need for those unsightly and large furnace vents that lurk in basements and attics.

Thin Slab Radiant Heat Controllable Warmth

Unlike other types of home heating systems, with thin slab radiant heat, you can choose the temperature on a room-by-room basis. With finer control of how long and when rooms are heated, the entire home is more comfortable. The best part of thin slab radiant heating is that no matter where you walk in your home, even in stocking feet, the floors are not cold.

Thin Slab Radiant Heat Saves You Money

Although slightly more costly to install than simply replacing your old furnace, it’s a money-saver over time. Thin slab radiant heat is much more efficient than forced-air heating. Because there is no air circulation, the warmth created isn’t forced out cracks around the windows and it doesn’t rush out every time the door is opened. By only heating the areas that are being used, there’s no energy wasted on keeping areas warm that are empty.

Thin Slab Radiant Heat is Hypoallergenic & Safe

Whenever your furnace begins its heating cycle and all that warm air flows through the vents, it carries with it a host of dust, allergens and dust mites. People can develop severe respiratory problems by consistently breathing stale and polluted air. Slab radiant heat systems improve indoor air quality because they eliminate the furnace ducting system altogether.

Thin Slab Radiant Heat is Quiet & Efficient

Many homeowners complain that whenever the furnace comes on, it makes the house a bit noisier. With thin slab radiant heat, there will be no more clanking of the furnace fan and none of the whistles and hisses as it flows through the vents. You’ll never again have to hear the pops and pings of the ducts warming up and cooling down. Radiant heating is incredibly quiet because there are no fans, no vents, just gentle warmth.

When it comes to your families comfort at home, an energy-efficient home heating system like thin slab radiant heat is an excellent choice for NYC families. Quiet warmth and clean air – what more can you ask for?

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