Emergency Plumbing Services Leaking Roof

When You Need Emergency Plumbing Services?

It’s natural to want an immediate repair whenever something goes wrong. However, there is added expense to having a professional come out during the off-hours. Therefore, it’s good to know when you need emergency plumbing services and when you don’t. Here are some factors to consider in the process.

Emergency Plumbing Services Leaking Roof

The Risk of Extra Damages

If a pipe burst, flooding will almost always begin immediately and quickly worsen if you cannot get to the valve that lets you shut off the water. This puts a burst pipe into the high-risk category it’s definitely worth emergency plumbing services.

A clogged drain, on the other hand, can almost always sit there peacefully until regular business hours. If the drain is from the toilet, things might get a bit nasty before morning, but it likely is not worth the cost to call someone out at 3 AM to prevent that. This problem typically needs same-day, but not emergency, service.

The Hassle Factor

Simply put, if a problem is going to cause frequent and ongoing aggravation during all of the time it is not repaired, it can be worth it to get it fixed right now. For example, if your toilet is clogged and you have five people in your house all wanting to use it every hour or so, you will likely want to upgrade the urgency of the repair. On the other hand, it probably will not require emergency service if the garden hose spigot out back is not delivering enough pressure.

Whether you need emergency service, same-day service, or need help with a project that can be scheduled for a few days out, be sure to contact Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating. We can accommodate all of your scheduling needs.

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