FDNY after conversion

Case Study: FDNY Conversion Generates 45.68% Savings

FDNY Facility
FDNY Facility Before Conversion

When the FDNY wanted to renovate one of their facilities, they needed an affordable, reliable, and energy-efficient solution. Kew Forest Plumbing delivered above and beyond their call with a solution that both met and exceeded their requirements.

This infrastructure-grade oil-to-gas conversion presented many challenges: migration from the legacy furnace system, providing energy-efficiency and reliability, and meeting the plethora of stringent agency and inspection guidelines. The plumbing and heating experts at Kew Forest researched and implemented an oil-to-gas conversion that leverages advanced efficiency gains, while providing excellent redundancy and reliability (reduced call-backs).

The result of the Kew Forest Plumbing oil-to-gas upgrade was a 45.68% total cost savings. Contact the heating and plumbing experts at Kew Forest today.

FDNY efficient furnace
FDNY Facility, After the Kew Forest Plumbing Oil-To-Gas Conversion

The FDNY turns to the experts at Kew Forest Plumbing and Heating for their infrastructure-grade oil-to-gas conversions, shouldn’t you?

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“Previous experience with Kew Forest and DDC transportation unit has often been a successful collaboration since 1994, resulting in quality workmanship and achieving project milestones/deadlines in a timely manner. In conjunction with the DDC transportation unit management, the first city-owned solar hot-water system as well as supply boilers, hot water heaters, and tankless hot water heater systems have all been properly commissioned and installed by Kew Forest to date. Past experience with Kew Forest installed systems indicate that main and auxiliary system components have often been sized in adequate proportion for the specified application/load. Past installation experience also indicates lowered maintenance and low call-backs.”

Mikhail Altshiler, Administrative Project Manager FDNY[/box]

Kew Forest Plumbing and Heating can install your next solar hot water system, supply boilers, hot water heaters, and tankless hot water heater systems. Read more about our expert services for both residential and commercial customers.

FDNY oil to gas furnace
FDNY Facility, Energy Efficiency, Reliability, and Affordability

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Infrastructure-Grade Heating Solution

  • Oil-to-Gas Conversion
  • Annual Cost Savings: 45.68%
  • Meets All NYC, DOB, DEP, DHS, FDNY Requirements
  • Energy Efficient, Redundant, and Reliable Result
  • Expert Planning & Project Coordination


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