Call A Summer Plumber Disposal

The Kids Are Home, 4 Reasons To Call A Summer Plumber

Why will you call a Summer Plumber? Summer is here, and this means it is time for you and your family to take vacations, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather. However, since your children are out of school for the summer and you have more family gatherings, your home’s plumbing system is probably working overtime to keep up with the pace. It is not uncommon to experience plumbing issues during this time of the year. However, to ensure you will be fully prepared for any unexpected failure, here are a few reasons you may find yourself calling a plumber this summer.

Call A Summer Plumber Disposal

It’s Leaking… Again

If your children have been using your home’s outdoor faucets to defeat the summer heat or if you have been using the faucet to water your flowers and plants, you will probably experience a few leaks during the summer. If your home’s outdoor plumbing has not been maintained properly, you could run the risk of flooding your yard. If your home’s yard becomes flooded, you can ruin your entire lawn and your flower garden. To avoid the issues with outdoor plumbing, we encourage you to take the preventative maintenance route by calling a plumber to ensure no issues will arise at any point.

Something’s Wrong With The Toilet

For many homeowners just like you, the infrequent clog is probably not a major deal. However, things are probably a little different when all the kids are home for the summer break. When everyone is home during the summer break, the chances of a toilet overflowing increases greatly. You can make sure your children are not using too much toilet paper each time they use the bathroom, in addition to making sure they are not getting rid of items in the toilet that do not belong there. Even the smallest considerations will reduce the work and train on your plumbing system.

I Need Clean Clothes… Again

If your children love spending time outdoors, we are sure your washing machine is putting in plenty of work to keep everyone’s clothes clean. You are probably making more trips to the laundry room than you would like. Unfortunately, as your washing machine continues to be overworked, this can result in leaks and other issues. You do not want to walk into your laundry room and discover that it has flooded.

We encourage you to inspect your washing machine’s hoses periodically so you can look for anything that may need to be inspected by a professional. If you notice any area of your washing machine that seems to have an excess amount of water or moisture, you should call a professional plumber as soon as possible. When the problem can be inspected and addressed right away, the parts can be replaced immediately, and your washing machine can last longer and run better than it did previously.

Who Put That In The Garbage Disposal?

If you are doing plenty of cooking to feed your children who are hungry every few minutes, your garbage disposal is probably seeing plenty of action as well. All the food that is making its way down the drain can eventually stop and clog the entire garbage disposal.

If your garbage disposal’s blades become dull, your disposal can eventually break. We know it is not possible to watch your children and others at all times, but we encourage you to try to pay as much attention as possible to what others are putting down your garbage disposal. Try to get everyone to ask for Mom or Dad’s permission before anything is put in the disposal.

If you need an unexpected drain cleaning or if you need to have your toilet unclogged, contact Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating, your summer plumber.

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