Clogged Drain Hair Clog

Be Careful When Dealing with a Clogged Drain

Running water is a necessary feature of any home. It provides a means for cleaning, cooking and various other tasks inside the home. However, this water must also be able to leave the structure. Unfortunately, a clogged drain can limit the ability of wastewater to exit the house. This can cause difficulties in using water and can potentially cause serious risks to the home and health of those in the dwelling.

Clogged Drain Hair Clog

A clogged drain is a common problem for any home. Various substances, such as dirt, grease, hair, and soaps, get washed down a drain on a regular basis. These substances can build up in the drain and cause clogs. These clogs can cause slow drainage from various parts of the home, or even stop a sink or tubs ability to drain.

It is important to take steps to clear this clog as soon as possible to allow the home to get back ato its normal working order. Often, a homeowner will reach for a plunger to eliminate this clog. This can help to remove the clog from the drain in some cases. However, a plunger can also cause the clog to be pushed further down the drainage system. Depending on the location of the clog, this can create serious drainage issues for the home. It can potentially prevent any water from draining.

If the clog is far down in the drainage system, it can cause any wastewater used to begin to back-up into the home. Lower lying drains can overflow with wastewater causing damage to the area, as well as posing health risks. In very little time, a simple drain clog has become an expensive cleanup and repair.

Another often used option is drain cleaner to remove a clog. These chemicals can be dangerous to use, and all cautions should be heeded to protect the user from their dangers. These chemicals can sit on the materials clogging the drain. After some time, these chemicals can dissolve the substance blocking the drain and allow the water to flow through them again. Unfortunately, these harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on the drainage system. Just as the chemicals can dissolve the clog, they can also cause damage to various types of pipes and any rubber or soft components in the drainage system. This is especially true for many strong acids used to clear drains.

If these chemicals damage the drainage system, it can be quite costly to repair. Also, any chemicals that have leaked out due to a break in the line can cause serious damage to any area they may land. In the end, these chemicals, especially the more damaging acid options, can create serious risks and problems throughout the home.

The DIY options for drain clearing may seem appealing for many homeowners due to their low-cost and easy use. However, drain clogs are not always as simple as they appear. It may save time, stress and money to call a plumber right away. They understand the inner workings of the drainage system and can identify the best method for removing any clog or problem in the system. For more information about this and other plumbing issues, contact Kew Forest Plumbing & Heating.

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