Emergency Plumber NYC Save You An Arm And A Leg

5 Reasons an Emergency Plumber NYC Can Save You an Arm and a Leg

You rise in the morning to take your shower before heading off to work, but you notice something strange. There’s no water pressure. Your shower is a trickle. When you brush your teeth, the water flow is a mere drip. You do not think anything of it because you are late, and you will deal with this when you get home. Unfortunately, that is often too late. By then, you are going to need an emergency plumber NYC to deal with the pipe that burst in the night. Here are five reasons an emergency plumber NYC will come in handy before plumbing costs you an arm and a leg.

Emergency Plumber NYC Save You An Arm And A Leg

1. Frozen

No, not the movie, the pipes. When the weather is freezing, water in the pipes freezes and expands. Water further along in the pipes runs up against a tap that is closed. The water has nowhere else to go, so the pipes burst. That is why experts say to drip water from any one faucet when the weather goes down to freezing.

2. Blockage

When you are getting a shower in the morning, and your feet are soaking in the water, that is not normal. When it takes forever for your teeth-brushing and rinsing water to drain, that is not normal. You could have a hair-grease-soap-scum blockage close enough to the drains that a plumber will be able quickly to access it. However, if the blockage is in the sewer lines, it will take more effort to clear the blockage. A video inspection by a qualified professional will tell you where the blockage is and what method to use to remove the blockage.

3. Toilet

The dog could have dropped their bone in the toilet to save it for a midnight snack. The baby could have dropped their stuffed animal in the toilet to see if it would swim or dropped their pacifier, their bib or a whole package of baby wipes in the toilet. Blockages can sometimes be plunged and cleared, but if the material has been pushed far enough down into the pipes, a professional will be required alleviate the issue.

4. Leaks

That brownish circle on the wall could be water damage. If the basement smells damp or moldy when you go downstairs, you may have a problem. Moisture draws all sorts of vermin in addition to causing a weakening of the walls and structural foundation of your home. Mold and mildew also result from leaky pipes. These can be the cause of respiratory problems and headaches. Call an emergency plumber NYC to ensure there is not a threat to the health of your family and the safety of your home.

5. Odor

If the kids come indoors wet and smelly because they fell in a certain spot in the yard, check it out. The reason could be a leak in the main water line or a sewer line. If the septic tank is around this area, call a professional because you may have a major problem. This could involve the county or city building inspection offices, and your emergency plumber NYC will know exactly how to address it.

When something goes wrong with your plumbing, you will often need a professional. We cannot live without drinking water, a shower and water for the laundry or to clean the dishes. Kew Forest Plumbing has been saving people and arm and a leg when their plumbing goes wrong since 1929. Water is necessary, contact Kew Forest Plumbing when you need to get it back when something goes wrong.

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