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Manhattan Bathroom Renovation Ideas Floating Sink

6 Fun Manhattan Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Homeowners

Looking for Manhattan bathroom renovation ideas? This is a great time for renovations and nothing makes a home more refreshed than a completely redesigned bathroom. With an artistic vision, a few new pieces of decoration, and the help of a professional Manhattan plumber, you should be able to completely transform any bathroom in your home. […]

Hiring New Construction Plumbing Contractors Installation

More Things to Know About Hiring New Construction Plumbing Contractors

Hiring new construction plumbing contractors is quite a bit different from calling one in to fix problems in existing structures. In many ways, the work itself is simpler: There’s no need to work with failing pipes, the work area is easy to access thanks to the walls not being finished, and there are no dubious […]

Forest Hills Plumbing Contractor Antiques Vanities

Antiques Into Vanities? A Forest Hills Plumbing Contractor Can Help

A popular trend in home decor these days is to repurpose antiques as vanities for a bathroom or kitchen. Things that are unique, vintage, or restored are particularly sought after. In the bathroom, homeowners are now updating their fixtures with pieces that do not come from the plumbing aisle of a home improvement store. If […]